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For over 30 years Mack-Contracting Flooring has been installing, sanding and refinishing wood floors around the GTA. Over the years, our experience and professionalism has helped us build a remarkable reputation, and we’re working hard to maintain it on each and every project we undertake.

Wood as a material used for flooring is superior o vinyl, or carpet, both practically and aesthetically. A solid wood flooring is more than a covering: it adds strength and stability to the floor system. Wood is durable and long lasting. Wood floors don’t maintain mildew or absorb dust, so they are easily cleaned. A beautiful wood floor can enliven a room, enhance any architectural style, complement furniture and design schemes and add value to any home or building. Wood floors can create excitement and become a focal point. Through careful planning you can choose flooring that can be useful in multiple rooms, or select a pattern or design that is repeated throughout the room or in adjacent rooms. When selecting your floor, keep in mind that your wood flooring design will last long time.

Hardwood Flooring Installations

Hard wood floors offer a richness that’s hard to beat: you can choose from strip or plank flooring, either pre-finished or unfinished, in a variety of woods. Strip flooring generally measures between 1 1/2 and 3 1/4 inches wide, with 2 1/4 inch strips being a popular size. Planks are at least 3 inches wide. Manufactured wood-veneered products look like solid wood, but there are limits to the repairs that can be made. Most hard wood floors are graded according to color, grain, and imperfections. You will have to weigh the cost against the wood quality. When the wood is delivered for the wood flooring installation, is recommended to stack the wood in the room where the floor will be installed for several days, to acclimate to the moisture content of the room. Hardwood floors can be installed on top of an existing solid-wood floor or new plywood underlayment.

Engineered Wood Floors Installations

Engineered wood comes in two varieties: hardwood veneer glued to a plywood base or a synthetic, wood-like laminate over a fiberboard base. Both types offer the look and feel of hardwood floors, but are quicker and easier to install. Engineered wood flooring is surfaced with various types of hardwood and comes pre-finished with a factory-applied top coat. Another important advantage of engineered wood flooring is that it’s more stable than solid wood. The drawback of engineered wood is that the wood veneer is thin, so you can’t just sand and refinish the flooring when it has been damaged or worn down. Plywood backed veneered flooring can be glued directly to an underlayment or installed as a floating floor. Laminate-over fiberboard flooring should only be installed as a floating floor. Floating floors are not nailed or glued directly to the underlayment or floor below. Instead, the boards’ tongue and groove snap together and install over an 1/8 inch thick pad of high-density foam.

Laminate Wood Flooring Installations

Laminate flooring come in a floating system that can be installed on top of plywood, concrete slab, sheet vinyl, or hardwood flooring. The rich wood tones of beautiful laminate floor planks may cause you to imagine hours of long, hard installation work, but the laminate wood floors can be installed the quickest among all other options.

Parquet Flooring Installations

For a hardwood floor with a great design appeal, consider installing a parquet floor. Parquet floors offer more visual interest than strip flooring without sacrificing the beauty and elegance of wood. Parquet flooring comes in a variety of patterns and styles to create geometric designs. The parquet flooring designs can range from elaborate, custom-designed patterns on the high end, to the more common herringbone pattern, to the widely available and less expensive block design. There are many types and designs of parquet floors available, from custom-made originals to standard patterns, but they are all installed the same way: set in adhesive on a wood subfloor. Your choice for a parquet flooring can be very rewarding: this type of wood flooring can be used to create shapes not possible with other wood flooring.

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